Why You Should Buy Replacement Filters Instead of OEM Filters

People often are confused about the difference between replacement filters and brand name OEM filters.

Difference between a replacement filter and an OEM filter: An OEM filter is manufactured by the original equipment manufacturer. It would include brand names such as Hydac, Parker, Hy-Pro, Pall, etc.

A replacement filter (or aftermarket filter) means that it is a filter not manufactured by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Think of it as a generic version of the same filter.

Four Reasons Why You Should Buy Replacement Filters from Filtration Point:

  1. The cost is always less for replacement filters:

    Filtration companies spend thousands on initial development, research and advertising costs, which they in turn pass on to their customers. OEM filters are always priced higher than replacement filters.

  2. No distributor middlemen:

    Most filtration companies sell direct only to distributors, who then add in their margins before pricing for you, the customer. Filtration Point works directly with its proprietary US manufacturing partners to offer you the same pricing and often better pricing than distributors do.

  3. The filter quality matches in form, fit and function:

    Filtration Point’s replacement filters match the OEM brand filters in form, fit and function at a much lower price.

    Form means the filter matches the OEM filter in shape, size, dimensions, weight and other visual characteristics. Fit means the filter matches the OEM as far as how it fits into the equipment or machinery you are inserting it into. Function means how the filter performs. The beta micron rating meets or exceeds the OEM specifications. Compare them yourself by looking at the “More Information” link on any of our filter pages to do a side by side comparison. The filter media used has all been tested to industry standards, like ISO16889.

  4. Faster shipping and more selection: OEMs and distributors are often locked into a limited number of company filters. Filtration Point offers over 90,000 replacement filters for hundreds of OEM companies. We also ship much faster. We offer standard handling of 5-7 days, but we also offer expedited shipping for those needing filters faster.

    Take the leap- save money on replacement filters and save valuable time in receiving your filters.

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