Water Absorbent Series

Water Absorbent Series Filters

Why You Need Our Water Absorbent Filters:
Often equipment such as gas and steam turbines, reciprocating water cooled engines and transformers require filters that will remove free water from hydraulic oil, fuel, insulating oils and other types of fluids. In addition to removing water, this equipment also needs to have harmful solid contaminants removed.

There are primarily four ways to solve water contamination. Water absorbent filters are the most cost-effective solution over other methods such as coalescing, head space dryers or vacuum dehydration.

Filtration Point sells water absorbing elements that are designed to quickly create a differential state that will detect free water. Chemical bonding occurs within the sheet polymer, and is suspended, so there is no downstream release of water after passing through the filter. The water absorbing filter polymer, is combined with particulate removal media rated at 0.5, 1, 3, 5, 20μm to provide the best combination water absorbing filter elements.

What happens when the absorbent material is saturated? When the absorbent is saturated, the filter restricts the flow and results in a rapid increase pressure drop, indicating that water is a problem and action must be taken.

Moisture is always present in hydraulic & lubrication fluids. An excessive amount of moisture in combination with solid particles can cause severe damage to internal rotating components, control valves and other mechanical components. Water ingressions can come from leaking reservoir seals, internal cooling water leaks, condensation & air seepage.

What are some of the major applications of water absorbing filters?

They are most commonly used for:

  • transformer oil,
  • hydraulic oil,
  • lubricating oil,
  • insulation oil,
  • quench oil,
  • fire resistant hydraulic fluids,
  • gasoline
  Hydraulic Series Replacement Filter

Manufacturers OEM Brands We Carry:
We carry the following company OEM brands of water absorbent elements. Remember, that our replacement filters fit the major brands in form, fit and function.

Hy-Pro, Hilco, Velcon, Kaydon, Donaldson