Cellulose Series

Cellulose Series Filters

FiltrationPoint.com offers replacement cellulose filters ideal for use in industrial or laboratory settings to purify different liquids from diesel, hydraulic fluid, coolants, lubricants and many more liquids. The pleated industrial grade filters are available in various lengths, operating pressures, micron efficiencies, and seal materials. We have nearly twenty to choose from to fit your needs.

Why Buy Our Cellulose Replacement Filters?
Consider our quality-built cellulose filters if you need replacements for any of the following manufacturers:

  • Baldwin
  • Case
  • Cim-Tek
  • Clark Reliance
  • Commercial Parker
  • Donaldson
  • Eldorado Tool
  • FilterMart
  • Filtrec
  • Fluitek
  • Hilco
  • Jonell
  • Kaydon
  • Nafco
  • PTI
  • Purolator
  • Refilco
  • Velcon
  • Western
  Cellulose Series Replacement Filter

We manufacture over twenty grades of media all backed by ISO16889, 4548-12 and 4271 efficiency testing for optimal performance. The media grades include cellulose, cellulose blends and multi-layer water absorbent media.

Why all the different media grades? The various grades offer different levels of particle removal efficiencies so you can tailor your filtration to better protect your downstream equipment & production process. By offering pleated industrial grade cellulose based media, our products provide an extended surface area for maximum flow, low pressure differential & extended service life. Better performance & lower maintenance costs!

FiltrationPoint.com uses highly engineered polyurethane, plastisol and epoxy adhesives to properly bond the filter media to the end cap.

All the cellulose filters are fully interchangeable with the main brands and identical in form, fit and function.

Questions about cellulose filters? Please contact us at sales@filtrationpoint.com if you have questions or need any advice regarding the right filter for your needs.